Black Lives Matter #BlackLivesMatter

This song, BOMS, “blood of my soul” is dedicated to all of the black women and men who have been murdered by police, a result of systemic racism which permeates every facet of our society. Until #BlackLivesMatter, all lives will not. Profits from streaming on any platform will be added to my monthly contribution to the Equal Justice Initiative (, and, if it is ever licensed (big money) profits will also be donated.

I am reposting a list of organizations that you can donate to (credit: @botanicaldyke), together with a list of legal resources. Tab 2: Legal Services and Bail Support Tab 3: Advice for Protesting and Social Media Tab 4: Bail Funds, Memorial Funds, Organizations & Mutual Aid Tab 5: International Solidarity and Resources Tab 6: Misc Mutual Aid and Community Projects

Here are a few of the names of the women and men lost. I know many many more have gone unnoticed, but they are not forgotten.

Say their names. Breonna Taylor Sandra Bland George Floyd Ahmaud Arbery Rayshard Brooks Michael Brown Eric Garner Oscar Grant III Trayvon Martin Amadou Diallo Rekia Boyd Tamir Rice Alex Nieto Aiyana Jones Jonathan Akeem Pairre Ferrell John Crawford Ramarley Graham Kendrec McDade Ousmane Zongo Kathryn Johnston Eugene Ejikeobiora Tarika Wilson Sean Bell Philando Castile Terence Crutcher Freddy Gray

Video edited and directed by E.A Films Filmed by Alex Zajicek Special thanks to Oriana Saportas for the protest footage. BOMS (blood of my soul) represents the beautiful vulnerability we each feel when we love unconditionally. It came as a stream of consciousness three years ago, and developed into this orchestra of intense sound. I am so grateful for the collaboration for the video (EA Films and Alex Zajicek), the single’s cover art with Baidi Kamagate @im_baidi @le_noir_px (model and photographer) as well as the musicians that helped bring it to life. Kora by Yacouba Diarra, cuatro by Jackelyn Rago, live drums by Jayme Arredondo, all other instruments/vocals/mix by myself, and mastered by Trakworx.

I hope we keep up the fight and force true change in the USA. Demilitarize and defund the police allocating these resources directly to the community. Track individual police and hold police accountable when they use excessive force for any reason, not just when it results in severe injury or death. And so much more. We can do so much. We can vote and make sure those who represent us follow through with their promises, we can protest in the streets, we can donate money, we can boycott businesses use prison labor or otherwise support a white supremacist agenda and we can directly support the black community, by, buying from black businesses, supporting and promoting black artists across disciplines. I hope that we do not allow the numbing effect of living in a society of instant gratification consumerism to continue to drug us into inaction through surface-deep distractions, the illusion of division. I hope we can rediscover the unique creativity that lies in each of us, our power of expression, of true love. Renee Asteria/Razteria/Renay Asteria Records 2020


AGUA PA CAMELLO (Surativa Parlante x Razteria) – Colombian Etno Afro beat
*Muy feliz de lanzar el primer video de Cruzando Corazones – “AGUA PA CAMELLO” una cancion etno-Afro Beat de Surativa Parlante de Bogotá, Colombia
*Very happy to release the first video from Cruzando Corazones – “AGUA PA CAMELLO” an ethno Afro Beat song by Surativa Parlante from Bogota, Colombia.
Title: Agua Pa Camello (Etno Afro beat)
Artist: Surativa Parlante (Bogota, Colombia) featuring Razteria / Renee Asteria
Album: Cruzando Corazones (2017), Asteria Records
Recording: Árbol Naranja
Mix: Truffula Oak Studio
Master: Trakworx Studio
Video: Adriana Arizmendy & Agusto Vidal
Surativa Parlante from Bogota, Colombia, stands for Sud America Nativa, combining indigenous roots music and AfroBeat creating a sound they call Etno-AfroBeat. An original song by Surativa Parlante, Razteria adds lead/harmony vocals.
Epiara Murillo (alto sax and voice), Carlos Gómez (tenor sax), Camilo Bustos (bass), Daniel Giraldo (guitar), Nabhí Murillo (keys), Sergio Gómez & Diego Randolf (percussion), Juan Manzano (drums), Razteria (vocals)

Award-winning, San Francisco-based Songwriter RAZTERIA Announces New Multi-Artist Latin EP “CRUZANDO CORAZONES” and New Music Video “AVENTURERA”

CRUZANDO CORAZONES (translation “Where Hearts Collide”) is an eclectic new Latin release by RAZTERIA, born out of syncing artists, bands, engineers and producers in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Street Date: September 1st, 2017
 iTunes pre-order  PRESS RELEASE



After nearly a year-long production process, CRUZANDO CORAZONES comes to life, a six-track EP packed with powerful symbolism and colorful expressions of important issues.

Tiempos de Tinieblas is a Hip-hop song by young Bolivian rapper EDY who RAZTERIA met while volunteering at EnseñArte in Cochabamba. Co-produced by Jayme Arredondo it also features the charango playing of Bolivian star, Luciel Izumi. It’s a reminder of the end of Bolivia’s brutal oppressive history and a call to take control of one’s destiny in a free society. Recorded at LA Estudio and Truffula Oak studio.

Agua pa Camello is a Colombian AfroBeat song by SURATIVA PARLANTE from Bogota, Colombia. This 9-piece band combines indigenous roots music & AfroBeat. Reminiscent of Fela Kuti, the upbeat song takes on the serious issue of water scarcity and the vital necessity to share. It was recorded live at Arbol Naranja in Bogota.

Suerte features KALIMBA, a Latin Reggae band from Bella Vista, in the province of  Buenos Aires, Argentina. Quite simply, a love song infused with a feeling of gratitude for being alive. The lyric is by Argentinian lyricist Ariel Leira originally interpreted by Mercedes Sosa on the song Por Un Solo Gesto de Amor. Recorded at La Fragua Estudio.

Solo en la Carne features LUCAS ROCHAIX, a young jazz guitarist composer from Olivos, in the province of Buenos Aires, Andres Dellacasa on drums and Raian Valença João on bass. This song is the Spanish version of RAZTERIA’s award-winning song Once Again (John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Grand Prize, World Music 2016). It is a humble wish to see, feel and hear the words of loved ones who are far away. Recorded at Chafirete studio.

Mosquito features female producer and multi-instrumentalist EMJE ROSE together with percussionist Oscar Reyes from Barranquilla, Colombia. Showcasing her vibrantly exotic feel of the Colombian Caribbean this is a fun song that takes on the message of Dengue fever prevention. Recorded and mixed at Afro Estudios.

Todas las Voces interpreted by Patagonian folklore band CELESTE Y LAS MIL JARILLAS is a version of “Canción con Todos” by Julio Cesar Isella and Armando Tejada Gomez made most famous by Mercedes Sosa. A Latin American anthem, it is a message of solidarity and appreciation for each countries’ unique beauty. Recorded and mixed at Chafirete studio.

CRUZANDO CORAZONES VOL 1 was mastered by TrakWorx. Unless otherwise noted, all tracks produced & mixed by RAZTERIA. Artwork by Mexican artist Alfredo Varela.


AVENTURERA Official Music Video Released

Shot and chopped by Japanese director Hitoshi Inoue, the official music video AVENTURERA is the title track from RAZTERIA’s most recent album (AVENTURERA, Asteria Records 2016). Beautifully staged in dozens of locations throughout California, it looks like it was shot on real film. The track is a collaboration with Peruvian artist YURIZA JARED and her band SANG MATIZ, an Afro Latin Funk band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Look out for their new album coming summer 2017.



Following September 1st, 2017, when CRUZANDO CORAZONES VOL 1 drops together with videos of the production process, RAZTERIA plans to launch 2 singles, one in English and one in Spanish, to give a taste of what’s next for the 2 albums in the works for 2017-2018.



RAZTERIA will be playing at Musikfest with Reggaeton band Mr. O Band, on August 7-8, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA. For more tour dates visit:



Multi-genre, tri-lingual, singer-songwriter & producer RAZTERIA (Renée Asteria) is a San Francisco-based artist with Bolivian-Dutch roots. Producing music with a message, she founded Truffula Oak Studio in El Sobrante, California, a solar powered recording studio, barter-based / low-cost space for aspiring artists. She produces and engineers most of her music, making her part of the 1% of the female producer-engineers.





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Once Again – behind the scenes


If you missed the behind the scenes of ONCE AGAIN – explore the interviews of Rahman Jamaal and Razteria bringing to light the real life adventure and the song’s prophetic nature.



This song is in the runnings for a Lennon Award! **To vote** just go to and click the tab in the World Category next to “ONCE AGAIN”! You can vote everyday for 30 days :) Download FREE from:
Special Acappella Version:



Official release of ONCE AGAIN music video

*Official release of ONCE AGAIN music video! This song almost became reality… It is a reminder of how precious each day is in this beautiful life.

Thank you for voting for ONCE AGAIN in the World music category! Visit each day till the end of April to help us get to the next step in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest :)

This musically eclectic song is a humble desire to see, hear and feel loved ones “Once Again”… The music of Razteria and Rahman Jamaal’s deep lyrics is prophetic as Rahman experienced a brush with death shortly after the release of the song when the music video was in production.



Lyrics by Renee Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ)

Music (RA)




Vocals (RA/RJ), trumpet (Anthony Ant), drums (Jayme Arredondo), other

instruments (RA).


Recorded at Truffula Oak Studio

Mixed at Live Oak Studio

Mastered by TrakWorx


ONCE AGAIN @thejlsc 2016 Grand Prize Winner. #WORLDCategory #OnceAgain #LennonAwards #Documusic

Day 14 & 15 The Crazy Story Behind ONCE AGAIN (Lennon Awards candidate)

Vote ONCE AGAIN – World Category –

Day 14 / 15

“Once again my friend, may I live to see you, to hear you – to feel you”

“Que me permite vivir para verte, para escucharte, para sentirte – Una vez más amigo/a”

“Que je puisse vivre pour te revoir, pour t’écouter, pour sentir ta présence, un fois de plus mon amie”


(en) Day 15 in our campaign, one day before the launch of the music video for Once Again, I am humbled to be able to present this message… and how it became reality for Rahman who came very close to death.


(esp) Dia 15 de nuestra campaña, un día antes del lanzamiento del videoclip de Once Again, me siento humildemente agradecida de poder presentarles este mensaje… que se ha vuelto una realidad para Rahman, llegando tan cerca a la muerte.


(fr) 15ème jour de notre campagn, un jour avant le lancement du vidéoclip de Once Again, je suis profondément touchée de pouvoir vous présenter ce message… devenu réalité pour Rahman, qui a failli mourir.


Thank you so very much for your support! Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo! Merci infiniment pour votre soutien!

*Change* Music Video Out!

I am so excited to present *Change* Music Video a Juku Kobo Production, a trilingual world/hip hop crossover single in collaboration with Rahman Jamaal. Shot in the East Bay and San Francisco in November 2015, it was an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to work on the set with director Keiko Okisada and DP Hitoshi Inoue and the amazing crew, Carolyn Smith, Deonta Arnold, Alex Zajicek, and Kaeli Antrim. I hope that you enjoy!

AVENTURERA (album 3.18.2016)
by Renée Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ)

Renée Asteria
Rahman Jamaal

Production Crew
Keiko Okisada: Director & Editor
Hitoshi Inoue : DP
Deonta Marino: Gaffer
Alex Zajicek: Gaffer
Carolyn Smith: PA
Kaeli Antrim: Make up


Music, production, arrangement, recording and editing (RA). Vocals (RA, RJ), all instruments (RA).
Mix by Kinyama Sounds (Nicolas Duboux)/ Live Oak Studio (James Ward) /Truffula Oak Studio (RA).
Additional recording at La Forge (Kirby Bivans).
Mastered at TrakWorx (Justin Weiss).

Change / Cambio / le Changement
by Renée Asteria Peñaloza & Rahman Jamaal McCreadie 2016


Intro (English)
Change a coming
The only constant in life is the Change a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming

Verse 1 (Spanish)
Dicen que el individuo no cambia
(They say that the individual cannot change)
Que somos presos de nuestras fallas de caracter
(That we are prisoners of our character flaws)
Que si intentamos es futil inutil
(And that it is useless, futile if we try)
Dejandonos sin armas, sin armas
(Leaving us defenseless, defenseless)
Enfrentando la necesidad de evaluar
(Faced with the need to evaluate)
Enfrentando la necesidad de evolucionar
(Faced with the need to evolve)
La manera de pensar de vivir y de amar
(The way of thinking, living and loving)
Qué hacemos les preguntó
(What can we do?)
Esa opresión que amara manos y pies
(This oppressive notion binds our hands and feet)
Que te hace ciego mudo y sordo
(It makes you blind, deaf and mute)
Que ni te das cuenta de tu poder
(That you are not aware of your power)
Eres capaz, puedes actuar, no dejes que te intimide
(You are capable, you can act, don’t be intimidated)
Eres capaz, puedes cambiar, se el control de tu vida
(You are capable, you can change, take control of your life)

Chorus A
Change is a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming
The only constant in life is the Change a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming

Verse 2 (English)
Life is the range, between joy and pain
It’s gonna take a toll, prepare yourself for “change”
Why would you train your brain to remain the same
When it has so much to gain, running the game Like Fila,instead you getting played by the dealer
Just know the older you get the more it gets realer
It’s right intention, the heightened sense of a healer
Or chrome to your dome that hits harder than a Steeler
You can choose either, without even knowing it
Thinking like a slave, or not thinking just going with
The trends, putting the ends above your friends
Til you gotta bunch of fake ones riding in your Benz
Time to change, money over everythang is lame
Don’t believe me just watch I won’t have to explain
Why fame ain’t all that when you change to entertain
But can’t exchange knowledge to arrange mental planes

Chorus A
Change is a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming
The only constant in life is the Change a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming

Chorus B
Life is the range between Joy and Pain
Se puede resolver de otra manera
(We can find solutions in another way)
Its gonna take a toll prepare yourself for change
Se puede vivir de otra manera
(We can live in another way)
Why would you train your brain to remain the same
Se puede pensar de otra manera
(We can think in another way)
Its gonna take a toll prepare yourself for change
Si se puede cambiar
(Yes change is possible)

Verse 3 (French)
La societe nous dit qu’on est prisonnier de notre character
(Society tells us that we are prisoners of our character)
Qu’on peut pas changer, et d’essayer serai une perte de temps
(That we can’t change and to try would be a waste of time)
Toute en vain, nous laissent sans armes
(All in vain, leaving us defenseless)
Face au besoin de commencer la revolucion et d’evoluer
(Confronting the need to start a revolution and to evolve)
Notre facon de penser de vivre et d’aimer
(Our way of thinking, of living and of loving)

Chorus B
Life is the range between Joy and Pain
Se puede resolver de otra manera
(We can find solutions in another way)
Its gonna take a toll prepare yourself for change
Se puede vivir de otra manera
(We can live in another way)
Why would you train your brain to remain the same
Se puede pensar de otra manera
(We can think in another way)
Its gonna take a toll prepare yourself for change
Si si si
(Yes, yes yes)

Chorus A
Change is a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming
The only constant in life is the Change a coming
Don’t don’t be afraid of the Change a coming