GENERAL INFORMATION: + 1 510 931 7504

MANAGEMENT: Royal Management,


USA – Amanda, +1 415 878 6468

EUROPE – Rebecca,


RADIO: Adam Lewis,

COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: All musical compositions are registered with ASCAP. Instrumental Masters available upon request.

ASTERIA Publisher IPI 472.83.28.35.

Renee Asteria Penaloza Writer IPI 478.97.02.97

PRODUCTION INFORMATION: Production: Asteria Records,

Engineers: James Ward (Live Oak Studio, mixing, recording), Renee Asteria (Asteria Studio, recording), Josh Petersen (recording)


Minimum Stage Dimensions -10 by 14 ft
Mics: 2 Vocal – (SM58 or equivalent), 1 kick drum mic, 4 drum mics, 2 guitar cabinet (SM57 or equivalent)
Stands: 3 mic stands, 4 boom stands
4 DIs
Cables: 12
Amps: 500 w bass amp , 4 by 10 inch bass cabinet, 12 inch guitar amp w reverb
Drum Set
Monitors: 4 monitors 1 heavy duty monitor for the drums
16 input console, Reverb and Delay
Full-size PA system with subs
Sound technician
Standard lighting
Green room, water

Booking Contract provided