Space to Play

Space to Play

Razteria’s new album Space to play to be released September 22, 2021

Album is no. 8 for SF Bay Area artist

San Francisco Bay Area artist Razteria’s new album, Space to play, will debut October 28, 2021 on all major music streaming platforms. Razteria, whose songs are a combination of World music, Pop and EDM, is also the producer and sound engineer on Space to play.

Space to play is about our hidden potential,” she says. “I hope these songs inspire you to feel the power of vulnerability that comes with making time to be creative…to enjoy being in awe when the inevitable result of this process goes beyond what you could have ever imagined.”

On Space to play, Razteria invokes the vocal sultriness of Sade, mood of Billie Eilish, dance beats of Shakira and artistry of St. Vincent. Trilingual Razteria is a true international artist, living and working near Geneva when not in the Bay area. She glides easily between Caribbean rhythms, the musical influences of her Bolivian/Dutch roots and European Electro-Pop. Like Ani DiFranco and Bjork, Razteria is also a songwriter, producer and engineer, for her own music as well as other artists.

The title track of the release is a 60s ballad that encourages listeners to embrace the vulnerability necessary in all creativity. Space to play grew organically from Razteria’s time in lockdown when she focused on her musicianship and reative process. The album includes a Spanish version (Juega), an acoustic and latin trio version of the title track.

Already-released tracks on Space to play include:

What i love –
Why –
Never forget –
No veo nada –
Crash –
I feel naked –
Stop –
No veo nada feat. Zeze –

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Razteria (Renee) means to be reborn in French. A name that accurately describes an artist in perpetual renaissance of sound, as she creates pop music with sultry vocals reminiscint of Sade, electronic elements of Massive Attack, grooves of Steel Pulse, and Latin vibe of Shakira. Based in El Sobrante, California, with Bolivian/Dutch roots, Razteria has developed a bilingual (Spanish/English) repertoire. She is able to hone her unique sound as she takes on the roles as artist, songwriter, and producer/engineer. She released her first full album in 2005, and has since released 8 albums (including Space to play) and 1 EP under different names in collaboration with artists from the US, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia. Her song “Once Again”, won Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, World Category (2016). In 2020, her song “Inspire Me” was a finalist for the International Songwriting Competition/Music Video Award. Like Ani DiFranco and Bjork, the trilingual Razteria is a songwriter and producer. Her new album, Space to Play, will debut Sept 22, 2021 on all major music streaming platforms.

Space to play song list:

All music and lyrics written by Razteria unless indicated otherwise. All tracks performed, produced, recorded, edited and mixed by Razteria unless otherwise stated. Mastered by Justin Weiss,

  1. I feel naked – A Hip Hop/Pop/Gothic NeoSoul song about the vulnerability that comes with the intensity of love and desire for another. Verses were co-written by Patrick Johnson. Electric guitar by Tomas Salcedo of Fantastic Negrito, Cello by Joey Chang (Cello Joe).
  1. No veo nada (Original) – A Reggae/Latin Pop song sung in Spanish that combines a sultry and sensuous beach vibe with pop hooks and the ethereal qualities of ambient EDM. Lyrics co-written with Peruvian poet Zezé Fassmor. Co-production and live drums by Jayme Arredondo. Lead guitar by Tomas Salcedo (Fantastic Negrito). Kora by Yacouba Diarra.
  1. No veo nada (featuring Zezé)This EDM/Reggae/Pop Spanish version is a spoken word performance featuring the Peruvian poet reciting the lyrics he wrote for the original version.
  1. Space to play (Original) – The title of the release, this songgrew organically from Razteria’s time in lockdown while she focused on her musicianship and creative process. The result is an Indie Pop Ballad that encourages listeners to embrace the vulnerability necessary in all creativity. True to the theme, the song is released in multiple versions.
  1. Space to play – This retro 60s ballad version features Dave Shul, as co-producer, lead guitar and bass player, Manas Itene on drums, Raleigh Neal on keys. Mixed by Robin Applewood.
  1. Juega – Spanish version of Space to play retro 60s version.
  1. Space to play (Trio Version) – The trio version of the title track is an Acoustic Latin Ballad featuring Caroline Chung on upright bass, and Julio D’Santiago on percussion.
  1. What i love – A Reggaeton Pop World beat song about living and loving life in the present moment. Razteria took three years to finish this track, laying out the first ideas in winter 2017 with co-writer and co-producer Jayme Arredondo. 
  1. Stop – This Electro AlternativeTrip Hop songrepresents ending the toxic relationships that we have within ourselves and with each other and realizing how powerful we are. Co-produced by Jayme Arredondo, this song features Tomas Salcedo (guitars) on electric guitar and Cello Joe (cello).
  1. Why – The Electro Dream Pop /World Trip Hop song speaks to the irrationality of the human condition and our desire to taste both the good and bad in life, regardless of the consequences. As it builds, this lilting song pulls you in to consider why we do the things we do and how we make peace with ourselves.
  1. Pink flower (featuring Patrick Johnson)A strong chorus hook drives this dreamy Pop EDM Hip Hop dance song with a four-on-the-floor beat, a breathy, jazzy female vocal and rap by Patrick Johnson with Jayme Arredondo on live drums and Kevin Glaz on guitar.
  1. Crash – A pleading song that juxtaposes the harshness of human society with the power and beauty of the ocean’s waves. The style of this track isEuro Pop, EDM and Dub.
  1. Never forget – A song with a  positive vibe and a “beach” quality, ithas a Sade-inspired sound updated to the 21st century with an Electro Tropical Pop style.
  1. BOMS – AnElectro Indie Pop song about the raw vulnerability we feel when we love unconditionally. An orchestra of intense sound, this songis dedicated to all people who have been murdered by police, a result of systemic racism and impunity. Kora by Yacouba Diarra, cuatro by Jackelyn Rago, live drums by Jayme Arredondo.
  1. Corazon Cegado An RnB/Latin Funk track in Spanish, co-produced by Dave Shul, who also plays guitar and bass, with Manas Itene on drums and Raleigh Neal on keys. The lyrics were co-written by Zezé Fassmor. Mixed by Eddie Caipo (engineer for Gwen Steffani / Enrique Iglesias).
  1. InfinityThe English version of Corazon Cegado.

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