Tocar las Estrellas

Razteria’s new album Tocar las Estrellas (Touch the Stars) to be released March 20, 2023

Album is no. 9 for SF Bay Area artist

San Francisco Bay Area artist Razteria’s new alt-Latin album, Tocar las Estrellas (Touch the Stars), debuts on March 20th, 2023 and will be available on all streaming platforms. Razteria dips into multiple genres offering a complex look at world music across the decades. Resonating sounds of acid rock, alternative R&B, 90’s Ska, and reggaeton showers listeners with spectrums of emotion. Tocar las Estrellas explores life challenges, living in the present, and love. The intention is to bring modern production to old skool style. Razteria’s unique voice combines the smooth vocals of Sade with those of H.E.R., Nathy Peluso and Kali Uchis over beds of guitar driven music stylistically bringing a modern twist to throwbacks from the 1980s through 2000s.

“Tocar las Estrellas, my first full length album in Spanish, was co-written and produced with veteran musician/producer Dave Shul. He challenged every idea, pushing me to explore new styles and to make the songs the best that they could possibly be. It was a challenging and humbling experience,” she states. “The title track represents my life as a hopeful romantic, how the muses in life and love, like the Stars, are always out of reach, but yet always there for us to revel in their beauty and to inspire us to grow and create.”

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Tocar las Estrellas was produced over the span of 2022 at Dave Shul’s studio in San Francisco and Razteria’s home studio in El Sobrante. Razteria started working with Dave in 2021 and he encouraged her to focus on writing music in Spanish. Dave has been producing music in the SF Bay Area for over 35 years including with Cornell CC Carter, Luis Enrique, Jason Becker amongst others and most recently recorded with Jim Keltner, Steve Paccaro, Jason Wall, Lawrence Juber, Eva Gardner (bass, Pink) and Julian Lennon. The album includes drum performances from veteran drummers Ronnie Smith (Maria Muldar, The Sons of the Soul Revivers, Alabama Mike), Jay Lane (Bob Weir, RatDog, Primus, The Uptones and more), Alcide Marshall (son of Eddie Marshall) and Roberto Quintana (percussion). Tracks “Ambicioso”, “Aprovecha” and “Mientras” were co-written by Venezuelan-Colombian poet Orlando Muñoz Garcia.

Already-released tracks on Tocar las Estrellas include:

Ser feliz –
Me gusta estar sola –
Respira –
Ambicioso –
Crash –
Madre Tierra –

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Razteria (Renee) means to be reborn in French. A name that accurately describes an artist in perpetual renaissance of sound. Razteria is a producer-engineer that collaborates with artists from the SF Bay Area and around the world notably in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Philippines, Tanzania, Germany and Switzerland. Razteria’s musical evolution can be appreciated through her catalog of independent music dating back to 2005. Razteria has released 8 albums from 2005 through 2021. Space to play, Razteria’s most recent full length album released in October 2021. Notable songwriting awards include “Once Again” (Grand Prize, John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2016), “Baila” (International SC semi-finalist 2019) and “Inspire me” (ISC finalist 2020).

Tocar las Estrellas tracks and credits:

All songs co-produced and co-written by Renée Asteria Peñaloza & Dave Shul unless otherwise noted. All tracks mixed by Razteria. Mastered by Justin Weiss,

Track listing

  1. Ser Feliz (Peñaloza & Shul) 3.13
  2. Me gusta estar sola (Peñaloza & Shul) 4.41
  3. Tocas las Estrellas (Peñaloza) 5.05
  4. Respira (Peñaloza & Shul) 3.14
  5. Ambicioso (Peñaloza, Shul & Muñoz-Garcia) 4.48
  6. Madre Tierra (Peñaloza & Shul) 3.15
  7. Aprovecha (Peñaloza, Shul & Muñoz-Garcia) 3.26
  8. 100% (Peñaloza & Shul) 3.50
  9. Mientras (Peñaloza, Shul & Muñoz-Garcia) 4.11
  10. Amante Imaginario (Peñaloza) 3.37


Renée Asteria Peñaloza: vocals, keys, production, mix

Dave Shul: production, guitar, bass, keys, tambourine, recording  @Dave_shul_guitar (IG)

Orlando Muñoz Garcia: co-writer on 5,7,9

Roberto Quintana: percussion 1,5,6

Alcide Marshall: drums on 1, snare on 2. @alcidemarshall (IG) 

Ronnie Smith: drums on 3,8 

Jay Lane: drums on 2,4,6 @luvrzlane (IG)

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