New Single “No veo nada” & GoFundMe Campaign


My new single “No Veo Nada” is releasing on May 20, 2021! It was written using a piece of Zezé Fassmor’s poetry. Zezé became blind at 25 as a rare consequence of an eye injury. The Peruvian-Argentinian poet is now 34, and in his poem he describes how he now perceives the world, as one eye is dead and the other shines perpetual in bright white, as it still has some neural activity. It is like having one eye in the new moon and one eye as a sun. Living in between reality and the dream world, he finds peace through acceptance, diving deep into his being, and his desire to live and love. Symbolically through this song, my voice is the “dulce voz,” the sweet voice, helping him to “see the horizon”. 

Júlio Mesquita’s graphic artwork for this powerfully symbolizes the way that Zezé visualizes his world. 

You can pre-save “No Veo Nada” here:

I launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for buying equipment needed for a home studio so Zezé can start a podcast to further his artistic productions and the promotional efforts he makes for other independent artists and musicians. Learn more about Zezé and how you can support him here

“No Veo Nada” features drums by Jayme Arredondo of classic Don Carlos reggae band, guitar by Tomas Salcedo of Fantastic Negrito and Kora (a West African harp) by Yacouba Diarra.

Can’t wait for you to hear this one!