Pre-Save: Por un solo hombre

Razteria’s single “Por un solo hombre” (“For one man”) releases on October 20, 2022. It describes her first reflection stamped in her mind when Ukraine was first invaded in February 2022, her gratitude for her life and her empathy for the Ukrainian people who suffer because of the madness of just one man. “Que afortunada soy, queda impresa en mi mente…” – “How fortunate I am, it stays imprinted into my mind…” the reflection of the millions of children who can’t go to school… and all the people who cannot return home. For Razteria, the song describes how the concentration power in the hands of only one man, results in suffering. She states that she believes that there is a common desire to live simple, happy lives and hopes that the conflict can be quickly resolved to minimize all suffering on all sides. “Por un solo hombre” was co written and produced by Dave Shul and features Alcide Marshall on Drums. It was mixed by Razteria and mastered by Trakworx. The music video was shot and edited by Alex Zajicek.

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