Ambicioso (LIVE)

“Ambicioso” by Razteria, Dave Shul and Alcide Marshall | Tiny Desk 2022 (Live Recording)

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This song is about how ambitious the heart is when in love. 

“Ambicioso está mi corazón
(Ambitious is my heart) 
Deseando robarse tu amor
(Wanting to steal your love)
Que ya tiene su dueño
(Which already has its master)
Ambicioso está mi corazón
(Ambitious is my heart)” 

Razteria (vocals)
Alcide Marshall @alcidemarshall (bass)
Dave Shul @dave_shul_guitar (guitar)

Production and composition by Renee Asteria Penaloza, Dave Shul and Orlando Muñoz Garcia @mgarciaorlando