Aventurera album

AVENTURERA – Official Birth today! Lanzado hoy! Sortie aujourd’hui!

*My baby #5 *Mi bebe #5 *Mon bebe #5 … ‪‎AVENTURERA‬ … de Razteria / Renee Asteria – Official Birth today! lanzado hoy! sortie aujourd’hui!

Just in time for Spring! Justo a tiempo para honorar la primavera! Pour celebre le debut du Printemps! 

Hear it – Escuche – Ecoute 


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This album is so rich as it represents the synergy of many beautiful talented musicians!

La riqueza de este album representa la sinergia de varios músicos talentosos!

La richesse de cet album represent la synergie de plusieurs musiciens talentueux 

  • Sang Matiz Yuriza Jared Eddie Cabezas Clark Seal Jesus Martinez on title track #1 Aventurera,
  • Rahman Jamaal on #2 Change #6 Once again #12
  • Fyah Squad Band, Waddell Bell Louis Neuburger Raliegh Neal Luke Thomas on #3 Life, #5 Little Sister,
  • Seneca Schachter & Sirraum Nash (Chatterbox) on #4 Take my hand,
  • Carolyn Smith on #7 Zone & #11 Can’t touch,
  • Jay Sweeta drumz on #1,4 6,7
  • Dave Eagle percussion #3,4,8 Thankful, 9 The World,10 Winds,11 Can’t Touch,
  • Joe Newton drumz on #10, 11,
  • Anthony Ant trumpet on #6,8,9,11.
  • Truffula Oak Studio recording, grabacion, enregistrement.
  • Mixing talents – la mezcla – le mixage = James Ward of Live Oak Recording Studio & Nicolas Duboux / Kinyama sounds on #2 Change, #5 Little Sister,
  • Mastering – masterizacion – le master Justin Weiss Trakworx Studio
  • Art Cako Oki Keiko Okisada,
  • Distribution by Independent Distribution Collective,
  • Radio promo The Planetary Group (recently topped on CMJ New World Music chart at #15) 

33 days till spring, Razteria seeks to raise $33,000 using Kickstarter to fund 5th album Aventurera & Truffula Oak studio

*Excited to announce official launch of AVENTURERA Kickstarter campaign! 33 days left being 33 years old, 33 days to raise $33,000* Can you help? Thank You! Merci Beaucoup! Gracias!

San Francisco bay based eclectic independent music producer Razteria is reaching out to fans to help fund the two interwoven projects, the production and marketing of new album Aventurera and development of Truffula Oak recording studio. In addition to Razteria’s discography & album release concert tickets, backers can choose from tailored recording and music production sessions at her own studio, and a line of merchandise which is ethical, environmentally friendly and healing. From organic cotton Fair-Trade T-shirts, to a line of essential oil based body care products by Berkeley based SoL Essence Oils, there is something for everyone. Ten percent of proceeds are being donated to a non-governmental organization Helping Refugees in Jordan (HRJ).

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RAZTERIA, a fusion of No Doubt, Bomba Estereo and Marisa Monte, who breaks musical boundaries and sings in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, has been preparing the release of her 5th independently produced album Aventurera which drops March 18th, 2016 online and instore. Just debuting on the CMJ New World chart February 2016, the album shows great promise.

About the Aventurera Album

The Aventurera album consists of 10 tracks (+ 2 bonus tracks), crossing between English, Spanish and French. It is to be released to honor spring (March 18, 2016), and symbolizes rebirth. This album is groundbreaking in its richness, representing the synergy of collaborations with talented independent SF Bay artists and beyond.

Aventurera Track Listing

1) AVENTURERA, fuses sweet South American sounds and rhythms together with a flavor of reggaeton, representing the intertwining of cultures, bringing together the talents of Razteria and Yuriza Jared from Afro-peruvian funk band Sang Matiz. http://soundcloud.com/razteria/aventurera

2) CHANGE, a trilingual crossover track, is a collaboration between Razteria and Rahman Jamaal, two contrasting musical artists, who bring world music, rock and hiphop together. The music calls for the need to revolutionize our current mind-state as we hold the power to change, without fear. Change is the only constant in Life. http://soundcloud.com/razteria.com/change

3) LIFE, the oldest track on the record, recorded with Fyah Squad Band, was written 11 years ago, and has finally melted into its first published form, fusing haunting vocals with a tribal beat and 80’s rock. This song’s theme is ageless, calling us to never give up and take on life in all of its forms.

4) TAKE MY HAND, a funk rock ballad about wishing that the other could see inside your mind, bypassing the misunderstandings that come as a result of the imperfections of communicating through language or the misinterpretation of one’s actions. It features two Bay area based lyricists, Seneca Schachter and Chatterbox .

5) LITTLE SISTER, is a lively reggae-pop tune emanating the importance of nurturing relationships, mentorship and love. This is Razteria’s a personal message to her younger sisters and nieces.

6) ONCE AGAIN, is an odd cross of funk and rock with a rap by Rahman Jamaal and drums by Jayme Arredondo. Razteria’s favorite on the album representing her wish to live to see, hear and feel loved ones all over the world, once again.

7) ZONE, a jam trippy track extracted from a Halloween night jam session together with pianist and songwriter Carolyn Smith.

8) THANKFUL is a simple spiritual song of praise, in the same thematic vein of Gracias a la Vida by revolutionary folk songwriter Violeta Parra.

9) WORLD is a positively melancholic track which emanates tragic beauty, juxtaposition of the contrasting struggles of so many in this world, with the beauty of this world. It calls for us to recognize and share our lives in solidarity.



12) ONCE AGAIN (bonus vocal mix) is a powerful yet ethereal mix featuring a Razteria’s signature harmonies and Rahman Jamaal’s rap. The harmonies are reminiscent of Queen.

Aventurera Recording & Production

Aventurera was 90% recorded & produced at Razteria’s Truffula Oak Studio, which she is raising funds to finish. The studio has been progressively built over the past 3 years with sound engineer Josh Petersen and the Big Tadoo Puppet Crew. It is currently up and running with a minimum recording gear to do quality recordings.

Where does the name come from?

Nestled in an old growth of live oak trees up hidden in El Sobrante Hills, the name “Truffula” symbolizes a more general goal of sustainability with the imagery of the Truffula tree, the central focus in Dr. Seuss’s 1971 environmentally themed children’s book “The Lorax”. A powerful tale which is more relevant now than ever before, the dire need to conserve the earth’s precious and finite natural resources. The studio is currently 100% solar powered and Razteria is working towards having a food forest and full grey water system. Check out http://www.theloraxproject.net for ideas on how to spread the message of the Lorax.

About the Rewards

Razteria has made it priority to offer ethical and environmentally friendly gifts to backers in appreciation of their donations. She worked closely with Berkeley based Sol Essence Oils to develop essential oil healing products which match the messages in the songs “Life” (Cheer blend), “Change” (Passion blend), “Take my hand” (Serenity blend) and “the World” (Wild Orange oil).

In choosing to use only Fair-Trade textiles, Razteria is emphasizing the importance of the movement. She states: “In this day and age, even more powerful then the vote, each consumer choice we make determines the fate of millions all over the world. Fair Trade provides a framework whereby there is a more direct link between consumers and producers, more of the money that we spend on a given product, gets to those who actually make it. This is the first time in my music career that I have ever produced merchandise, and it is a no brainer for me that it has to be Fair Trade.” Razteria is sourcing shirts from HAE NOW which stands for Humans, Animals & Environment NOW. https://www.haenow.com


Click here for Razteria’s Kickstarter Campaign



Bay Area Based Latin-Rock-Reggae Artist Razteria to Release Two Singles and Videos Ahead of the March 18th, 2016 Worldwide Release of her 5th Album, “Aventurera”

For Immediate Release – San Francisco, California – Razteria (aka Renée Asteria) can be described as a fusion of early No Doubt, Steel Pulse, Los Aterciopelados, and Marisa Monte.  She is releasing her 5th full-length album, Aventurera, worldwide through her own Asteria Records on March 18th, 2016, honoring spring. The album’s first two singles and videos, Aventurera and Change, will be released on digital platforms January 15th and 22nd 2016, respectively. The album calls out to the adventurer in each one of us to go beyond what we know, reach into the unknown, and challenge ourselves to grow. This theme is woven into a concept across all 12 tracks, with each song being part of the “Aventurera’s” story.  “The Adventurer” is each of us, in one form or another.

Razteria’s multicultural background (born in the USA of Bolivian-Dutch heritage and raised in France) has had a profound influence on her musical journey. Performing in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, her music has been described as ‘musically adventurous’ and ‘one of a kind, breaking all rules,’ uniting Reggae, passionate Latin grooves, Rock, powerful messages, and some real musical genius. She is known for her fat bass-lines, her simple yet intricate songs, and her signature ethereal harmonies. Over the past ten years Razteria, performing under both Razteria and Renée Asteria, has planted musical seeds throughout the Americas (Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, and USA) and Europe (France, Switzerland).

Aventurera was recorded & produced at Razteria’s own Truffula Oak Studio. The studio’s name comes from being nestled in an old growth of live oak trees hidden in El Sobrante Hills, CA, and symbolizes a goal of sustainability with the imagery of the Truffula tree (the central focus in Dr. Seuss’s environmentally themed classic “The Lorax”). This album is groundbreaking in its richness, showcasing a collaborative synergy with talented independent artists from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  Artists featured on Aventurera include: Sang Matiz, Rahman Jamaal, Carolyn Smith, Chatterbox, Seneca, as well as Waddell Bell and Lou Neuburger (bass and drums, Fyah Squad Band), Raliegh Neal (keys, Michael Franti and Spearhead), Jayme Arredondo (drums, Don Carlos), Joe Newton (drums), Anthony Ant (trumpet), Dave Eagle (percussion), and Luke Thomas (guitar).  Once the basic tracks were completed, James Ward of Live Oak Studio (Girl on Fire’s Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Beyonce/Destiny’s Child), with whom Razteria has been working for the past 9 years, helped her take the mixes to the final level, and Justin Weiss of Trakworx (Zion I, The Coup, Papa Roach, Chuchito Valdes & Eddy Navia) mastered the album. Two of the songs (Change and Little Sister) were mixed at Kinyama Sounds (Rootwords), a Suisse based label.

Razteria released her debut album Renée Asteria in 2005, produced on 2-inch tape at Closer Studios in San Francisco.  In 2007, while working as a research assistant for the University of Buenos Aires, Razteria met Argentinian producer Matias Martyn (Univerzoo). They produced her first Reggae-infused, bilingual (Spanish/English) album, Faces of Agent Double E / Caras de Agente Doble E.  Her next album, RazteRia, featured vocals, music and lyrics by Razteria, vocals by Godelive (an upcoming Congolese American singer), and musicians Waddell Bell (bass), Lou Neuburger (drums), Joe Bressler (keyboards), Luke Thomas (guitar), and a feature by Oakland based Mexican rap artist Raw-G on the remix Risk. Razteria’s senior album, Maz Raz, was recorded and mixed at Live Oak Studio in Berkeley CA, (Destiny’s Child; Tony Toni Tone; Too Short), and began to chart on the CMJ New World Chart in August 2015.  Razteria’s most recently released single was Little Sister, a lively pop-reggae tune that is the fruit of an international collaboration between Kinyama Sounds (Geneva, Switzerland) and Live Oak Studio (Berkeley, CA).

Razteria has opened for and performed with Grammy award winning Reggae artist Michael Rose, popular UK/JA lover’s rock Lloyd Brown, The Garifuna Collective from Belize and others. Noteworthy performances include the Montreal Jazz Festival, Reggae on the River, World One Festival, Northwest World Reggae Festival, and World Fest Los Angeles, to name a few. Her music has been featured on MTV’s True Life series as well as a few independent films.

On January 23, 2016 at the Ashkenaz in Berkeley, CA, Razteria, Sang Matiz, & Rahman Jamaal will present their new singles, Aventurera and Change, for the first time live in concert.  Aventurera, the title track from Razteria’s new album, blends South American sounds w/a flavor of Reggaeton, intertwining talents of Yuriza Jared (Sang Matiz) and Razteria.

Since 2013 Razteria has been a part of Empress Unification, a collective of Bay Area female artists who perform Reggae and World music in five different languages (English, Farsi, French, Portuguese, and Spanish), backed by The Fyah Squad Band.  The purpose of the collective is to highlight the works and messages of female artists advocating peace, love and unity, as well as to raise funds and collect donations for local women’s charities. The collective consists of Irae Divine, Razteria, Sol Atash, and Ariel Marin. In April 2015, as part of the UnderCover Presents production of Bob Marley’s “Exodus” album, Empress Unification & The Fyah Squad Band recorded the title track Exodus at Fantasy Studios, for which Razteria arranged and recorded the vocals and harmonies.

On Aventurera, Razteria is reinventing herself, branching out musically, learning to let go by releasing memories, and sharing her life lessons.  She believes that there is something on this album that everyone will be able to make their own, relating to the messages embedded within the soundscapes of these songs.  Razteria says “It’s the Aventurera who goes beyond the known, the comfort Zone, and is able to grasp, and be thankful for, the beauty of the unknown: the changes and challenges of Life.”

Aventurera Single: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/aventurera-single

Change Single: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/change-single

For Music Samples or to pre-order the album “Aventurera” please visit: asteriarecords.bandcamp.com

For Interview Requests please contact Billy James/Glass Onyon PR: glassonyonpr@gmail.com or 828-350-8158

For Bookings and Management please contact Amanda Amid/Royal Management: theroyalmgmt@gmail.com or 415-878-6468

Novidades de 2016!

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Olá! Feliz Ano Novo 2016!

Após um ano muito produtivo em 2015 no que diz respeito à música, eu estou muito feliz de introduzir duas novas músicas do meu álbum que vai deixar o marco 18, 2016.

Também tenho dois concertos na região da Baía de San Francisco. Então, se eles estão na região Espero que você possa assistir!

1/23/16 Ashkenaz Berkeley
2/5/16 Angelicas Redwood city

As duas canções são:

AVENTURERA, combina os sons e ritmos da América do Sul com um gosto de reggaeton. Esta trilha sonora combina o moderno eo tradicional. Ela representa uma mistura de culturas que unem os talentos de Renée Asteria / Razteria e Jared Yuriza Sang Matiz grupo Afroperuano-funk. Ao ouvir música, o ouvinte torna-se o (a) aventureiro / a música, viajar fisicamente e / ou espiritualmente para crescer e curar.
**Plataformas digitais para venda de 1/15/16.**



CHANGE, uma canção trilingue (Espanhol, Francês e Inglês), é uma colaboração entre Rahman Jamaal Razteria e dois músicos musicais dramaticamente diferentes que se reúnem world music, rock e hip hop. A música chama-nos a evoluir nosso estado mental atual sem medo.Na vida, as mudanças são a única coisa constante.

**Plataformas digitais para venda de 1/22/16.**



Muito obrigado por seu apoio e motivação :)

Um abraço forte Renee





Little Sister (Lil Eyz) is a lively reggae-pop tune emanating the importance of nurturing relationships like sisterhood and family. This is Razteria’s personal message reaching out to her youngest sister whom she did not have the opportunity to grow up with. Fruit of an international collaboration, recorded at Live Oak Studio (Berkeley, CA), mixed by Kinyama Sounds (Geneva, Switzerland) and mastered by Justin Weiss TrakWorx (South San Francisco, CA).

Many thanks! Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! To my friends and family as well as to the powers of the Universe for giving me the opportunity to continue creating music. I hope that this track will make you smile :)

IDC, Independent distribution collective
Renee Asteria (Razteria)

Bass: Waddell Bell
Drums/percussion: Lou Neuburger
Keyboards: Raliegh Neal
Guitar: Luke Thomas + Renee Asteria
Vocals: Renee Asteria
Recording Engineer: James Ward (Live Oak Studio, Berkeley CA)www.liveoakstudio.com/
Mix Engineer: Nicolas Duboux (Kinyama Sounds, Geneva, Switzerland)www.kinyamasounds.com/
Mastering: Justin Weiss (TrakWorx, South San Francisco)http://trakworx.com/

Little Sister (Lil Eyz) Lyrics – In Honor of Sisters’ and Brothers’ Day :)

Happy Brother and Sisters Day :) I was planning on releasing “Little Sister”, a new song and music video, dedicated to my nieces and sisters today but it is not quite ready! Soon coming! In the meanwhile here are the lyrics

Feliz Dia de los Hermanos/as :) Hot tenia planificado hacer la salida de mi nueva cancion “Little Sister” (Hermanita), dedicada a mis hermanas y sobrinas, pero todavia falta terminarlo! Viene pronto! Por el momento – pueden disfrutar de la letra que hice la traduccion en Espanol :)

Joyeux Jour des Freres et Soeurs! J’avais prevue de faire sortir ma nouvelles chanson “Little Sister” (Petite Soeur) au’jourd’hui mais c’est ne pas encore terminer. Pour le moment voici les paroles traduit en Francais!




Verse/verso/couplet #1


Little sister, whatcha doing today, give me your hand so we can go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, da me tu mano para que vayamos a  jugar

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, donnes-moi ta main pour qu’on aye jouer


When I saw you the first time I didn’t know what to do but then I got a chance to hold you

No sabía qué hacer cuando te vi por la primera vez pero tuve chance de sostenerte

Je ne savais pas quoi faire quand je t’ai vue pour la première fois mais j’ai eu la chance de te porter dans mes bras


Sister whatcha doing today I got a plan, lets go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, tengo un plan, salimos a jugar 

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, j’ai un plan, on va sortir pour jouer


You change every heartbeat – I grew with you too, each and every step I’d like to help you

Cambias con cada bate de corazón, y he cambiado junto con tigo, paso por paso quiero apoyarte

Tu changes avec chaque battement de coeur, et j’ai progressé avec toi, pas à pas je voudrais t’aider




Brushin alongside of me, Give me your hand say hi to me,

Rozando a mi lado, Da me tu mano, Saludando me

Près de mon côté, Donnes-moi ta main, me saluant


Don’t please don’t cry, I’ll never say goodbye (X2)

Por favor no lloras, Jamás diré Adiós

S’il te plais ne pleures pas, Jamais je dires au revoir


Sister whatcha doing today I got a plan, let’s go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, da me tu mano para que vayamos a  jugar

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, donnes-moi ta main pour qu’on aye jouer


I wanna be there for you hear your calling, share my thoughts and hope they can help you too

Quisiera estar para escuchar tu llamada, compartir mis pensamientos esperando que te ayudaran

J’aimerais être là pour entendre ton appelle, partager mes penses en espérant qu’ils te servent


Sister whatcha doing today I got a plan, lets go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, tengo un plan, salimos a jugar 

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, j’ai un plan, on va sortir pour jouer


It’s a beautiful life shall we walk it together Whatcha say whatcha say

La vida es bella, caminaremos la junta, que te parece que dices

La vie est belle, est-ce qu’on peut la marcher ensemble?




Little sister, whatcha doing today, Give me your hand so we can go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, da me tu mano para que vayamos a  jugar

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, donnes-moi ta main pour qu’on aye jouer


In times of trouble never hesitate to reach out to me, I’ll do whatever it takes

Siempre puedes contar con migo cuando hay desafíos demasiados grandes, haría todo lo posible

Dans les moments les plus difficiles, tu peux toujours compter sur moi, je ferai tout le possible


Sister whatcha doing today I got a plan, let’s go out and play

Hermanita que haces hoy día, da me tu mano para que vayamos a  jugar

Petite soeur qu’est-ce que tu fais aujourd’hui, donnes-moi ta main pour qu’on aye jouer


Like seeds in the garden need water and light, Working together it’s gonna be alright

Como semillas en el jardín requieren agua y luz, todo es posible cuando trabajamos juntas

Comme des semences dans le jardin ont besoin d’eau et de lumière, tout est possible quand on travailles ensemble




Brushin alongside of me, Give me your hand say hi to me,

Rozando a mi lado, Da me tu mano, Saludando me

Près de mon côté, Donnes-moi ta main, me saluant


Don’t please don’t cry, I’ll never say goodbye (X2)

Por favor no lloras, Jamás diré Adiós

S’il te plais ne pleures pas, Jamais je dires au revoir




I see you brushing alongside of me, I see you running alongside of me, I see you dancing along side of me, I’ll never say good bye

Te veo rozando a mi lado, corriendo a mi lado, bailando a mi lado, jamás diré Adiós

Je te vois près de mon côté, courant de mon côté, dansant de mon côté, Jamais je dirais au revoir


I see you running alongside of me, I see you dancing along side of me, I see you smiling longside of me, I’ll never say good bye

Te veo corriendo a mi lado, bailando a mi lado, sonriendo a mi lado, jamás diré Adiós

Je te vois courant de mon côté, dansant de mon côté, sourient de mon côté, Jamais je dirais au revoir


Sister you can come to me for anything, You can trust me I’m here for you just know that

Come to me, Just call on me you can count on me, You can call on me, I’ll never say goodbye.


Hermana puedes pedirme le que sea, haz me confianza, estoy aquí para ti, jamás diré Adiós

Ma soeur tu peux me demander tout ce que tu veux, fais-moi confiance, je suis là pour toi, je ne dirais jamais au revoir