**Blessed & Very Excited* CHANGE (the music video) to be released 8.13.2016*

*Blessed & Very Excited* CHANGE (the music video) to be released 8.13.2016*

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Renée Asteria
Rahman Jamaal

Production Crew
Keiko Okisada: Director & Editor
Hitoshi Inoue : DP
Deonta Marino: Gaffer
Alex Zajicek: Gaffer
Carolyn Smith: PA
Kaeli Antrim: Make up

AVENTURERA (album 3.18.2016)
by Renée Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ)
Music, production, arrangement, recording and editing (RA). Vocals (RA, RJ), all instruments (RA).
Mix by Kinyama Sounds (Nicolas Duboux)/ Live Oak Studio (James Ward) /Truffula Oak Studio (RA).
Additional recording at La Forge (Kirby Bivans).
Mastered at TrakWorx (Justin Weiss).

Aventurera album

AVENTURERA – Official Birth today! Lanzado hoy! Sortie aujourd’hui!

*My baby #5 *Mi bebe #5 *Mon bebe #5 … ‪‎AVENTURERA‬ … de Razteria / Renee Asteria – Official Birth today! lanzado hoy! sortie aujourd’hui!

Just in time for Spring! Justo a tiempo para honorar la primavera! Pour celebre le debut du Printemps! 

Hear it – Escuche – Ecoute

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This album is so rich as it represents the synergy of many beautiful talented musicians!

La riqueza de este album representa la sinergia de varios músicos talentosos!

La richesse de cet album represent la synergie de plusieurs musiciens talentueux 

  • Sang Matiz Yuriza Jared Eddie Cabezas Clark Seal Jesus Martinez on title track #1 Aventurera,
  • Rahman Jamaal on #2 Change #6 Once again #12
  • Fyah Squad Band, Waddell Bell Louis Neuburger Raliegh Neal Luke Thomas on #3 Life, #5 Little Sister,
  • Seneca Schachter & Sirraum Nash (Chatterbox) on #4 Take my hand,
  • Carolyn Smith on #7 Zone & #11 Can’t touch,
  • Jay Sweeta drumz on #1,4 6,7
  • Dave Eagle percussion #3,4,8 Thankful, 9 The World,10 Winds,11 Can’t Touch,
  • Joe Newton drumz on #10, 11,
  • Anthony Ant trumpet on #6,8,9,11.
  • Truffula Oak Studio recording, grabacion, enregistrement.
  • Mixing talents – la mezcla – le mixage = James Ward of Live Oak Recording Studio & Nicolas Duboux / Kinyama sounds on #2 Change, #5 Little Sister,
  • Mastering – masterizacion – le master Justin Weiss Trakworx Studio
  • Art Cako Oki Keiko Okisada,
  • Distribution by Independent Distribution Collective,
  • Radio promo The Planetary Group (recently topped on CMJ New World Music chart at #15)