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VINCHUCA:  The tune Vinchuca was originally produced with Matias Martyn in Argentina in 2007. On Maz Raz it has been rerecorded, preserving all original arrangements, but in a much for energetic form – faster and including the smooth harmonizing voice of Godé (aka Mbutshu Yindja) and sweet horn arrangements previously unreleased which were written by Alejo Hernandez in Argentina. By the upbeat fun nature of the music, one would never guess it is a tune about an insect “Vinchuca” (aka the Assasin Bug) which transmits a disease called Chagas disease to rural poor in South America. It is included as a live band version and a remix 2-Step version, produced by upcoming East Bay producer Ebb Deezy. The live band version is being distributed for free! Please download and share!


VINCHUCA: Esta canción fue producida originalmente con Matías Martyn en Argentina en 2007. Ha sido grabado de nuevo, preservando todos los arreglos originales, pero de una forma más energética, más rápida y con la voz suave de armonización Godé (alias Mbutshu Yindja) y los arreglos de trompeta, trombón y saxófono que fueron escritos por Alejo Hernández. Aun que es una música alegre, habla de un insecto “la vinchuca” que transmite el mal de Chagas en las zonas rurales pobres de América del Sur. Hay una versión con banda y una versión remix 2-Step (electronica), producido por el Ebb Deezy. La versión con banda es gratis! Por favor, descarga y comparta!


VINCHUCA: Cette chanson a été initialement produite en Argentine avec Matias Martyn en 2007. Elle a été réenregistrée, en conservant tous les arrangements originaux, mais d’une manière plus énergique, plus rapide et avec la douce voix de l’harmonie – Godé (alias Mbutshu Yindja) ; les arrangements de trompette, trombone et saxophone ont été écrits par Alejo Hernandez.  C’est une musique joyeuse, mais qui évoque un insecte “la vinchuca” qui transmet la maladie de Chagas dans les zones rurales pauvres d’Amérique du Sud. Il existe une version live et une version remix 2-Step (electronica), produite par Ebb Deezy. La version live est gratuite! S’il vous plaît, télécharger et partager la!

January 19th, 2013 MAZ RAZ ALBUM RELEASE!



International Bay-area based bands Sang Matiz & Razteria join to release their two new ground breaking albums live at the Rockit Room (Neck of the Woods), Saturday January 19th.

“Global Selecta izzy*wise DJ set”
“Feature dance performance from Tanilee Amor – Amor do Samba”
“Sang Matiz – Traditional Latin, Samba-Funk/Reggae fuse w/Hiphop & RnB”


“Razteria – fusion of Latin, Reggae & Rock”

Tickets 10 (presale) / 15 (door)
Doors 8pm
Show 9pm
21 plus

Pre-Sale Ticket Info:

Sang Matiz –

“Sang Matiz” is a collective group of musicians that started in early 2008. The name is a combination of two words: Sang, meaning blood in French and Matiz, meaning “Harmonious Mixture” in Spanish. The band adopted this name because of the diverse cultural and musical backgrounds of its members. The Band has fearlessly fused traditional sounds of Peru with Flamenco, Afro-Brazilian rhythms like Samba-Funk and Samba-Reggae along with modern touches of R&B/Hip Hop. Sang Matiz will be releasing their debut album.

Yuriza Jared (Singer-Songwriter/Musician)
Eddie Cabezas (Lead Guitarist)
Miriam Speyer (Singer-Composer/Bass player)
Joe Castellanos (Drummer)
Braulio Barrera (Percussion: Cajon & Bongos)
Maya Finlay (Keyboard & Cabaquinho player)
Jesus Martinez (Percussion: Surdos, Repinique & Timbales)
Cata Atria (Back up Singer/Dancer)
Clark Seal (Congas)

Razteria –

Razteria can be described as a fusion of Steel Pulse, early No Doubt and Sade. Her music unites Reggae, passionate Latin grooves and Rock, powerful messages and musical genius. Described as ‘musically adventurous’ and ‘a one of a kind breaking of all rules’ (C. Foster, Reggae Update,, Razteria’s songwriting reflects her passion and strong commitment to justice. Razteria will be releasing her senior album – Maz Raz.

Voice: Renee Asteria & Godelive , 

Bass&Drums: Waddell Bell & Lou Neuburger
Guitar (various): Luke Thomas/Adley Penner/Jahlonious Monk
Keys (various): Joe Bressler/Darren Batara/Raleigh Neil/Ryan Hickey

DJ izzy*wise –

San Francisco based izzy*wise aka Isaac Weiser first started performing music in his Dad’s Klezmer band as a teenager. As the multi instrumentalist began learning new instruments and collecting records, so came the influx of different styles and cultures of music. Having played in many bands performing reggae, afrobeat, funk, rock, hip hop, klezmer, drum n bass, and latin styles this versatile performer began producing his own music and djing in 2007. Combining his knowledge of multiple instruments, sound reinforcement, and his love of mixing music from different cultures, we now have the electro world dub mashup that is izzy*wise’s music.

Tanilee Amor, Amor do Samba Dance director

Tanilee Amor is founder and artistic director of Amor Do Samba, a dance company established in 2011 and performing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tanilee studied dance at UCLA with a specialization in Afro – Latin dance and art as a social change agent. She has studied Afro-Latin dance in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Belize. After performing with San Francisco companies and training under Maisa Duke of Energia Do Samba and Lalo Izquierdo of Peru Negro, Tanilee started Amor Do Samba. Tanilee holds a Masters in Public Administration and International Management.
Amor Do Samba is a dance company dedicated to promoting Brazilian Samba and Afro-Latin music and dance. Amor Do Samba’s mission is to spread the love of life through dance and music with every show!

Flyer design – Nissa Nicole



Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michael Rose (opening act: Renee Asteria) @ THE NEW PARISH
579 18th Street (at San Pablo), Oakland, CA

Set: 9:00 PM
Doors: 8:00 PM
18+ , Tickets: 20/25
Buy Now:

MICHAEL ROSE opening act Renee Asteria (Razteria)

MICHAEL ROSE: From his early solo work for Niney the Observer through a trailblazing stint as lead singer of Black Uhuru – netting reggae music it’s first Grammy – to his magnificent later solo work, Michael Rose has consistently remained at the helm of one of reggae’s most far – reaching sounds. He can always be counted on to be challenging, topical, musically expansive and lyrically visionary – no small feat in a genre that sets aside old styles like ska, rock steady, roots and dub for the rest of the world to mine as it drives relentlessly forward. Rose has often flown in the face of tradition, walking away from Uhuru at the peak of their popularity, incorporating sounds and styles lesser artists might eschew and following his own instinct where others might seek safe haven. As a result he has retained a top spot in a field that has seen many come and go.

Renee Asteria/Razteria: Razteria can be described as a Fusion of early No Doubt and Sade. Her music unites Reggae, passionate Latin grooves and Rock, powerful messages and musical genius. Described as “musically adventurous” and “a one of a kind breaking of all rules” (C. Foster, Reggae Update,, Razteria’s songwriting reflects her passion and strong commitment to justice. Razteria currently in the studio producing “maZ raZteria”, a sequel to her 2010 production RazteRia, to be released in 2012.

Razteria will be playing at the Degotoga Festival July 7th!


Degotoga Festival @ Treasure Island Event Venue
401 California Ave, San Francisco, CA 94130 (United States) – Map

Set: 7:00 PM
Doors: 12:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: 20
Buy Now

Degotoga means “standing together” in the native american Cherokee language.

Enjoy music from around the globe. Profits go to charities and non-profit organizations. 

Degotoga Festival

7/07/2012 12pm-12am


28 bands,3 stages (2 indoor, 1 outdoor)


Treasure Island Event Venue 401 California Ave.SF CA 94130

Catch #108 Muni Bus every 20 minutes Buy tickets early, event may sell out, only $20.

All kinds of music,rock,indie,country,metal,alternative, reggaetone,original. Money from event goes to charities and non-profit oprganizations. Vendor spaces are available, vendors or volunteers call 510-677-9425


12 pm-9pm: Music on the outdoor (Country) Stage

Outdoor Stage:
The Golden State Revue,
Lea Sweet,
Rodeo House,
Miracle Mule,
Jessica Caylyn,
The California Cowboys,
Haunted By Heroes,
Shana Morrison & Caledonia,
Miles Schon & West Coast Engine Room Allstars.

12pm-12am: Music on the 2 indoor stages

Red Room Stage:

Savannah Blue, web:
Horizon Of Fire,
The Billy Martini Show,
Piece Of My Heart,
Color The Sound,

Blue Room Stage:

Freight Train,
The Grey Coats,
My Stupid Brother,
The California Blues Machine,
Voodoo Saints,
Mad Jack