Razteria en Parlana – En vivo en Cochabamba

Parlana – Cochabamba Language Exchange Meeting #133


——————- MARTES DE PARLANA —————–

You are ALL invited to the Parlana Language Exchange Meeting #132

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Parlana is a language exchange program to meet people from all over the world during your Bolivian experience. This multicultural, multi-faceted, cultural and artistic event is for everyone that wants to learn new languages through human interaction, music and social networking.

Music By:
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Los esperamos en LIVERPOOL Boulevard la recoleta
—– Come to pick your country’s flag and join Parlana——-

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Every tuesday at Parlana from 8.00pm till 10pm the Parlana Facilitator will lead Language Tables of different languages from all over the world. Come to meet new people and practice languages with our native facilitators.

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Parlana – Cochabamba Language Exchange is looking for new people to Join the team !! ask for Information !

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Latina America Production Tour Parte 2


Extremely scary news today. Please feel free to join me at any point on this upcoming trip.

Acabo de confirmar mi viaje para terminar la gira de produccion musicale de 2 albums nuevos! Voy a regresar a Argentina y Bolivia para terminar varios proyectos que he empezado – y – tengo la oportunidad de pasar por Colombia por la primera vez!

I just confirmed my trip to finish up the musical production tour of material for 2 new albums! I am going to return to Argentina and Bolivia to finish several projects that I started – and – I have the opportunity to go through Colombia for the first time!

Je viens de confirmer mon voyage pour terminer la produccion de musique pour 2 nouvelles albums! Je vais retourner en Argentine et en Bolivie pour terminer plusieurs projets que j’ai commencé – et – je vais passer par la Colombie pour la première fois!

Nov 14 – Geneva – SF
Nov 23 – SF – Bogota – Buenos Aires
Dec 21 – Buenos Aires – Bogota – Baranquilla – Medellin
Jan 6 – Bogota – La Paz – Cochabamba
Feb 6 – La Paz – Bogota – SF

Razteria& Rahman Jamaal – Live in Concert Nov 2-11 2016 – Geneva, St. Genis, Ferney, Montreux

Enfin arrivee dans Le Pays de Gex :) Arrived in the Pays de Gex :) Motivee de me presenter en concert! Excited to be performing live in concert for the first time in the Geneva region with Rahman Jamaal Mc / Rahman Jamaal &Alex Ald as well as Guillermo Rosales and other great musicians from the Leman region!

2.11 Cafe Voisins (Razteria, Rahman Jamaal, Alex Ald)
3.11 ÔBrasseur (Razteria, Rahman Jamaal)
4.11 Arcada Icv (Razteria, Rahman Jamaal)
5.11 S’beer (Razteria, Alex Ald)
11.11 Loft A46 (Expo Patrick Wyss, Salomea Project & Razteria)


Razteria’s Aventurera Fiesta April 9th 2016 – Mejores momentos – best moments

If you missed the epic Aventurera release show you can now check out these highlights!

Si perdieron el concierto epico del lanzamiento de Aventurera pueden ahora ver los mejores momentos!

Si vous avez perdu le concert epic du lancement de Aventurera vous pouvez maintenant voire les meilleurs parties!

Razteria’s Aventurera Fiesta show April 9 2016

Hear on:

To purchase Aventurera album:

Together with:
***Rahman Jamaal, Risk from Street Poetry Music
***DJ Leydis
***Jackeline Rago (cuatro)
***Fyah Squad Band (Waddell Bell, Lou Neuburger)
***Tomas Salcedo (guitar)
***Raleigh Neal (keys)
***Dave Eagle (percussion)

Guest appearances by
***Kata of LoCura
***Chatterbox from Puppetplex
***Seneca from EarthAmplified
***Amor do Samba Dance Troupe
***Empress Unification
Sol Atash
Irae Divine
Ariel Marin
Molly Rose

Video edited by Deonta Arnold and Alex Zajicek
Video live footage by Deonta Arnold, Alex Zajicek, Phillip Velasco, Inti Fernandez,
Live audio recording by Josh Petersen
Lighting by Jamese Coker
Live audio mix by James Ward (Live Oak Studio)

“Once Again” by Razteria & Rahman Jamaal just won Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

“ONCE AGAIN” just won Grand prize in session I (World Music) of the John Lennon Songwriting contest! We move on to the next step which is an online voting contest then becomes eligible for Song of the Year 2016!!

To all contestants of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest: Session I, 2016 Grand Prize Winners and Finalists have been announced at www.jlsc.com! You can listen to all of the winning entries now.



**Blessed & Very Excited* CHANGE (the music video) to be released 8.13.2016*

*Blessed & Very Excited* CHANGE (the music video) to be released 8.13.2016*

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Renée Asteria
Rahman Jamaal

Production Crew
Keiko Okisada: Director & Editor
Hitoshi Inoue : DP
Deonta Marino: Gaffer
Alex Zajicek: Gaffer
Carolyn Smith: PA
Kaeli Antrim: Make up

AVENTURERA (album 3.18.2016)
by Renée Asteria/Razteria (RA) & Rahman Jamaal (RJ)
Music, production, arrangement, recording and editing (RA). Vocals (RA, RJ), all instruments (RA).
Mix by Kinyama Sounds (Nicolas Duboux)/ Live Oak Studio (James Ward) /Truffula Oak Studio (RA).
Additional recording at La Forge (Kirby Bivans).
Mastered at TrakWorx (Justin Weiss).

Announcing Razteria’s 3 Continent Summer Album Production Tour

**I feel so blessed to begin the first leg of my musical production and promotion tour today! What the next 3.5 months looks like:
>>>2 albums worth of songs in production mode
>>>Musicians from 3 continents collide in song
>>>July- London, United Kingdom Geneva, Switzerland Amsterdam, Netherlands Berlin, Germany
>>>August + September – Buenos Aires, Argentina Cochabamba, BoliviaSão Paulo, Brazil Miami, Florida

I am working on 2 new albums simultaneously to be release beginning 2017! Together with Jay Sweeta Rahman Jamaal Mc Waddell Bell Tomas R Salcedo Jackeline Rago Ben Isaacs Kevin Glaz Maureen Sarver Jennifer Ratliff Cako Oki Raliegh Neal and many more!